Act With Intent

Leaders develop a clear vision and work to make choices consistent with it.

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What To Expect

Make decisions that matter.

As leaders, we must recognize that the seemingly small choices we make today will have a big impact on the success we experience in the future.

Scroll down for resources to share best practices that allow you and your team to become more decisive and action-oriented.

Intentional Action Presentation

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SPARK Authors

Which exercise from the SPARK Experience do you like best?

We’re not talking about push-ups! We asked the authors which developmental exercise they think is the most valuable.

SPARK Authors

Becoming a SPARK

Hear from Angie, Courtney and Sean as they share very personal moments in their life that helped lead them to where they are today.


You are the sum of your decisions. The quality of your life, the strength of your relationships, the stress level you experience and your career satisfaction are all a result of every choice you’ve made up to this point in life.