Welcome to the SPARK Experience – a powerful, engaging tool to develop leadership skills for yourself or your team.

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What To Expect

Leadership skills aren’t something you’re born with.
They must be learned and practiced.

These resources are available to you free of charge and limited only by your creativity and imagination. Powered by Lead Star, the SPARK Experience is designed to fuel a leadership development movement, which tens of thousands have already begun

Whether you’re seeking to grow as a leader, lead your team in leadership development, or share SPARK throughout your organization, you’ll find all the resources you need to discover and share meaningful leadership lessons.

SPARK Authors


Why should you read SPARK? What will you learn from this book? The authors share reasons why SPARK will make a difference in your life.

SPARK Authors

The Military Leadership Advantage

Listen in as Courtney, Sean and Angie share stories about the importance of learning leadership.


Answer all your questions about the SPARK Experience
But first, what is the SPARK experience?

The SPARK Experience is inspired by the New York Times bestselling book, SPARK: How to Lead Yourself and Others to Greater Success. Authors Angie Morgan, Courtney Lynch and Sean Lynch believe that leadership is not about job titles—it’s about action and behavior. They also believe the best leadership development experiences are delivered by in-house leaders—talented employees at all levels who step up to lead.

The SPARK Experience includes everything motivated leaders need to share leadership learning. First, choose how you’d like to develop—on an individual, team, or organizational level. Then, choose from videos, slides, handouts, reflection exercises, and more, to help you design your path. Browse this site to design the leadership learning experience that’s right for your time and your team.

Sparks are people who recognize that they can do things differently to create the change they’d like to see. A SPARK is also a moment when you realize that you can be a part of the solution you seek. You can create opportunities for change yourself.

When Sparks are ignited, they’re a catalyst for personal and organizational change. Sparks aren’t defined by the place they hold on an organizational chart. They’re defined by their actions, commitment, and will. They’re the ones who say “I’ll take responsibility,” or “This is tough, but we’ll get it done,” and then they follow through.

No. At Lead Star, we’re passionate about creating leadership development experiences. We encourage you to use and share these materials.

That’s completely up to you. While you can use these tools on your own, we encourage you to share SPARK with teams. Many companies, nonprofits and government agencies have chosen to launch an organization-wide SPARK Experience, allowing leaders at all levels to facilitate leadership learning. The SPARK Experience also allows managers to address culture, goals, strengths, and opportunities for development with their employees. 

Meet the Authors

Courtney, Angie, and Sean are popular keynote speakers and sought-after leadership development experts who work with the world’s best organizations. They each learned to lead as military officers and have exceptional academic credentials.

Their work with Lead Star has been featured on CNN, FOX News and in numerous publications like The New York Times, Harvard Business Review, Inc., and Fast Company. All three believe the more leaders the world has, the better the world will be.