Develop Your Team

At Lead Star, we believe leader-led, peer-led, and employee-led programs are the future. It’s the best way to ensure that everyone is aligned with team goals and expectations.

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Develop Your Team

Congratulations on your decision to share SPARK with your team.

Our goal is for the SPARK Experience to serve as a catalyst for greater success.

Each resource provided in the Develop Your Team section is designed to support you in creating a leadership learning experience for your team. The lessons, exercises and videos include proven content that inspires growth. Share with confidence and enjoy the learning journey!

Suggested Next Steps


Incorporate SPARK into team meetings using slide decks, videos, handouts and discussion questions that connect to the core themes:

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Angie & Courtney

Who are the key leaders who made a difference in your life?

Angie and Courtney share who those leaders were for them and why they made such an impact.