During COVID-19, sales for SPARK have surged as the book hits bestseller lists again.

To support teams during this time, we are introducing an affordable way to help you build leaders at all levels and leverage remote working for learning and preparedness.

SPARK Nation Offer

Designed for groups of 5 to 500+, we’ve created a leadership development experience that:

  • Builds leadership skills for all
  • Helps you generate results during challenge and change
  • Prepares your workforce for the agility needed in today’s times

For $3500 SPARK’s authors Angie and Courtney will:

  • Ship up to 50 copies of SPARK: How to Lead Yourself and Others to Greater Success directly to each of your team members*
  • Present (2) live virtual leadership training sessions for your team as you read SPARK together
  • Personally guide you through the handouts, videos and slide decks available for use at www.sparkslead.us

Get started in three easy steps:

  1. Enroll your team by emailing Courtney directly at clynch@leadstar.us
  2. Connect with Angie or Courtney on a planning call
  3. Enjoy coming together as a team to develop timely leadership skills

Be prepared for what’s ahead. Invest in your team today.

*For larger groups, additional copies of SPARK can be purchased for $9/copy (includes shipping).

A leader is someone who
influences outcomes and inspires others.