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SPARK Authors

SPARK Authors Dish on Each Other
Hear the authors share some funny, and heartfelt, stories about one another!


Why is it important to develop your leadership skills?

What happens if you don’t develop them? Hear from Angie as she shares her thoughts.

Courtney & Sean

How are you growing as a leader?

Courtney and Sean candidly share how they are working to be better leaders.

SPARK Authors

Which of the 7 leadership principles in SPARK is the most important?

Angie, Sean and Courtney share which behaviors are most essential.

SPARK Authors

Which exercise from the SPARK Experience do you like best?

We’re not talking about push-ups! We asked the authors which developmental exercise they think is the most valuable.

SPARK Authors

Becoming a SPARK

Hear from Angie, Courtney and Sean as they share very personal moments in their life that helped lead them to where they are today.

Angie & Courtney

Who are the key leaders who made a difference in your life?

Angie and Courtney share who those leaders were for them and why they made such an impact.

Angie & Sean


Credibility is what allows you to influence and inspire. Listen in as Angie and Sean explain how to develop your credibility.



Accountability can be rare. Courtney shares why and explains how she’s worked to meet the challenge of resisting the urge to place blame.

Angie & Sean

Intentional Action

Sean and Angie share why having a vision is important, the value of saying no, and the challenge of leading without clear direction.



Angie highlights the importance of service-based leadership, and shares more insight into “Coca-Cola,” a leader who had a lasting impact on her. 



Courtney shares how running for public office invited insecurity and how she worked to build her confidence step by step. 


Consistency & Time Management

Time is the only perfectly even, nonrenewable resource leaders have. Invest ten minutes to learn the truths and best practices for making your moments count.


What’s the first step to becoming a better leader?

Sean shares the most important requirement for growth.

Sean & Courtney

Experience SPARK Together

Sean and Courtney share why SPARK was designed to be read in community.


What’s the most challenging thing you’ve done as a leader?

Sean shares a personal story about his most challenging leadership experience.

SPARK Authors

The Value of SPARK

Many well-respected leaders have stepped up to support SPARK. The authors discuss their passion for sharing leadership lessons with the world. 

SPARK Authors

Choose to Lead

Leaders at all levels are highly valuable. Learn how our mindset and values contribute to our ability to lead. 

SPARK Authors


The authors share reasons why SPARK will make a difference in your life.

SPARK Authors

The Military Leadership Advantage

Listen in as Courtney, Sean and Angie share stories about the importance of learning leadership.


What are the benefits to leadership training?

We know leadership development works. We differentiate our work through deep listening and understanding to support results that matter for our clients. 

Angie & Sean

The Leadership Challenge

Leaders are better than their instincts. In a world where leadership is undertaught, SPARK provides a clear path to becoming a better leader.