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SPARK is different from other leadership books because it's more than a book; it's a leadership development experience. Here you will find all the resources you need to launch your own SPARK Experience – whether for yourself, your team, or your company. 

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Grow You

The best leaders are always developing. As you read each chapter of SPARK, we encourage you to take time to reflect, write, and explore the highlighted concepts. Jump to Grow You for simple exercises to help you do just that.

Develop Your Team

Each resource provided in Develop Your Team is designed to support you in creating a leadership learning experience for your team. The lessons, exercises, and videos include proven content that inspires growth.

SPARK for All

The SPARK Experience provides an abundance of resources to support leadership development at all levels. Engage with SPARK organization-wide to inspire stronger performance from all. The bigger your vision for the SPARK Experience in your organization, the better the results.

Resource Library

Jump to our centralized hub of SPARK resources including videos, slide decks and facilitator notes, handouts, completion certificates, and more downloadable collateral to unite your team while you embark on your leadership journies together.

Free Leadership Training

When we wrote SPARK, we wanted to do more than publish a book.  After all, reading a book doesn’t guarantee that you’ll grow as a leader.  

Leadership development takes time, commitment, and action.  Consider the SPARK Experience your free leadership companion designed to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Everything on the SPARK Experience is 100% free.  There’s no gated content.  No download that requires your email address.  Just roam around the site, find the resource you need, and click download to get the material you want to use.    

Leadership development shouldn’t have to be expensive or complicated.  It should be available for anyone seeking to be a better leader – an individual who influences outcomes and inspires others.


The Best Things in Life are Free

The SPARK Experience is a free leadership training for you, your team, and the organization you’re a part of.  Here’s how it works:

  • Grow You  These materials are designed for the individual seeking to take the SPARK book, reflect on how the content connects to their real world, and design an action plan that will allow them to grow and develop in ways that are consistent with their goals, dreams, and aspirations.
  • Develop Your Team  This content is for an individual who’s seeking to host formal or informal leadership learning sessions.  These sessions can be at work, within a volunteer community, or in a classroom environment.  
  • SPARK for All  We know that many people who read SPARK will want to share the content in their work environment.  After all, a team full of SPARKS can be a great thing!  This content will help you imagine how to share leadership lessons either for a specific audience or your entire organization.  
  • Resource Library  This is our centralized hub for all the FREE resources on  Beyond decks, handouts, and exercises, we have certificates you can download as well as images and posters you can print out to spruce up either your work environment or learning space.

Free Leadership Training with the SPARK Experience

Leadership development can be inspired by a book … but to make things “stick,” it’s important to build leadership habits.  Small actions, taken over time, can produce pretty phenomenal results.

To get started, watch the video on the home page to hear from the authors directly.  They’ll share with you an overview of what you can discover on the SPARK Experience.  Then, choose your adventure!  We’re excited to imagine where your journey will take you.

Praise for SPARK

“If you want to become a SPARK in your organization and in your life, I urge you to read this book now.”

Head Coach, Duke University Men’s Basketball

“SPARK is your mind-opening guide to figuring out what you’ve truly always wanted to do and making it happen.”

Author of the #1 New York Times Bestseller Trigger

“The recommendations for behavior change are well researched and documented, and also just have a common sense appeal.”

Best-Selling Author of the Confidence Code and Womenomics


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4 tiles showing the Spark book and various people holding it

Get the SPARK Advantage

Buy the book that teaches 7 behaviors to unlock the leader within you.

With SPARK as your blueprint, you’ll have the guidance you need tot be a catalyst for change.

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